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Learn to Dance
Many people would love to learn to dance but fear that they will not be able to
do it or will look silly. Well, the second bit may be true at first but who cares.
You will be having fun trying and, before you know it, you will not be worrying
about this at all.
Of course it is not easy. Nothing worth doing is ever easy but at our classes we will take you though this,
step by step, until you overcome your fears. You may not be a budding Ginger Astaire or Fred Rogers, (whoever
they were), but they were doing show dancing. What you will be doing is Social Dancing. For the fun of it, for
your good of your health and, doing it with other like minded people.
Why not come along to some of our classes.If you are new to dancing then it would take about 6 weeks to get the
basics before you get over the initial un-coordinated staggering and learn to glide around the floor. (Well, you will
get better) but in the mean time you will have lot's of fun.
We do not take your money up front. If you can not make it one week then you will not loose money.  We never have
and we never will.
The hardest part of your first lesson is walking down the path to the hall so, come on, pluck up courage and give it
a try.