There are people who can play the organ and then there are people like John Westlake who can really make his Roland E80 keyboard speak.  John has been playing for Ballroom and Social Dancing for 33 years now, yes, he really did start very young, (7) originally learning with private lessons but later working with people like Len Jackman.

John’s style is easy and is just as enjoyable to dance to as it is to listen to so, if you need a break from the dance floor, sit back and enjoy.

John, working with his partner Mike, runs his own Dances and Tea Dances and is available for bookings for special events, dances, birthday parties etc. Usually decorating the hall with lights but it is the special atmosphere that he creates with his music that attracts dancers, be they regular ballroom dancers or beginners. All are welcome.

For more information see his entry on the Database of Information page or contact him on: 01626 355093

For a preview of John at work, go to You Tube and search for John Westlake.
                             John Westlake at his Roland E80 keyboard
                                                      John Westlake
                                  John Westlake in Slapton
                       John Westlake entertaining